Every post after this point is from a blog I set up last year that is connected to this effort. I have added copies of all of the posts I wrote on southsideunited.org to this blog because I think they reflect my evolving thinking about the Jackson Park developments and other issues. In a sense, it was writing these pieces that led my to an understanding of how fundamental the disconnect between the residents of our ward and the alderman is. Here you will find reflections on urban planning, decision-making models, and the proper role of a local elected official. You will also see emphasis on the local development council, an idea that I will implement in each community upon election, and on the principle of inclusive deliberation.

There are references to a failed petition attempt and other time-sensitive issues that I am not taking the time to edit out just now. In some ways, these are historical documents, in a moment when I thought it was still possible to steer the ship of Jackson Park development in a different direction through discourse. Now I realize that action is essential.